Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Identifying The Best Vacuum For Tiles:

It is easy to identify the best vacuum for tiles. You just basically have to be mindful of a number of things.

Today, there are many types of vacuums available on the market. All you need to do is find the bestvacuum for tiles for your house. Some of the following factors will help you in deciding what sort of vacuum you should have.

What a best vacuum for tiles should have:

The best vacuum basically depends on the type of tiles you have in your flooring. If the tiles in your house are glazed, then you don’t really need to worry because such type of tiles acts as a repellant towards dirt. On the other hand, unglazed tiles have the tendency of attracting dirt and hence require higher maintenance. If you have quarry tiles installed at home then you will have to buy a powerful vacuum cleaner. It is better to have a vacuum cleaner that is equipped or accessorized with a wet brush or a mop because quarry tiles demand for a lot of mopping.
It will be better for you to have a vacuum with a steaming option. There are several machines available in the market that provides the option of vacuuming and steaming at the same time. Steaming is basically needed for tiles as tile flooring can resist high temperatures. Also, tile flooring can easily be sanitized. 

You should also have the power of controlling the brush roll. Tiled floors are basically accounted as bare floors. For this, you definitely need an upright vacuum. This offers the option of turning the head of the brush roll off. This means that all the dirt will be sucked inside the vacuum instead of dispersing behind or around the vacuum.

The best vacuum suitable for tiles should also have an adequate filtration system. This is because tile flooring has the tendency of accumulating more electrostatic dust. Lastly, if you decide to buy cordless and lightweight vacuum cleaners then make sure that you buy one with good batteries. Vacuums with higher voltage mean that the cleaner has a more powerful suction system. Make sure that the cleaner you choose delivers atleast 18 volts. Also, it should atleast last for half an hour or more. Lastly, when you choose a cordless cleaner, be mindful of the charging time. Your vacuum cleaner should not take over 6 hours for charging for it is unacceptable.